Thursday, May 26, 2011


The Winner Takes It All

The next fundraising event to benefit the work of Hospice Angelus Moldova will be a charity quiz night to be held at CARUTA BAR on Str Ismail 45 in the heart of Chisinau on Wednesday 8 June 2011. 

WHAT ACTUALLY IS A QUIZ NIGHT? Quiz nights are pretty common in the UK and you'll find that most pubs will hold one either on a weekly or a monthly basis. We will ask you different trivia questions over the course of the evening and whoever gets the most points wins! Hospice Angelus is bringing this concept to Moldova and if it's a success, we might look to making it a more regular event.

WHAT KIND OF QUESTIONS WILL BE ASKED? This is the beauty of the event! We will be asking you about anything and everything. From music to Moldova, food and drink to film, sport to science, you never know what topics will come up in the quiz. However we can assure you that the questions will not be too difficult (nor too easy either). 

WHO CAN TAKE PART? Absolutely anyone. Teams should be made up of 4 people but we're not going to be too strict. For example, if you only have a team of 2 people, you can pair up with other people on the night or stay as you are. We recommend that you at least have one person in your team who understands English so that you have an understanding of the questions being asked. 

WHY IS IT IN ENGLISH ONLY? As this is a new concept in Moldova, we want to do it well and the organisers have more experience of running quizzes in the English language. It may be that if the event is a success, and there is call for it, then a Romanian or Russian language quiz night can also be held. 

HOW LONG WILL THE NIGHT LAST? As long as we start on time, the quiz should finish around 10pm.

ARE THERE ONLY PRIZES FOR THE WINNERS? Of course not! While this is a competition, it's also going to be a night of fun, laughs and banter so we will award different teams for different things. So get your thinking caps on for what your team name will be as we will award the team who comes up with the wittiest and most impressive moniker.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO PARTICIPATE? Entrance is 30 lei per person and this will go entirely towards the work of Hospice Angelus

WILL THERE BE REFRESHMENTS? Caruta Bar has a wide variety of drinks and snacks which you can purchase on the night

THIS SOUNDS LIKE GREAT FUN. HOW CAN I RESERVE A PLACE? Spaces are limited so please contact or call 022 244850 to reserve a place. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Not in the slightest bit related to my work in Moldova but I am loving this song at the moment. And the video, man the video is just brilliant. A work of genius.



On Friday May 6 2011, Hospice Angelus hosted the 2nd Hospice Angelus Charity Ball. 150 guests including the Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat along with his wife Sanda, Princess Marina Sturdza and many other government ministers, ambassadors, diplomats, business people and friends enjoyed a champagne reception followed by a 3 course dinner and an auction which raised over 10,000 euros. With prizes including a tennis match with celebrated author Tony Hawks, VIP tickets to the summer Bon Jovi concert in Bucharest, weekends in Brasov and Prague plus an Author bike, the excitement in the room was electric. Accompanied by music from local opera star Serghei Varsanov, Jazz group Trigon, dancing from the National College of Choreography and wrapping up with rocking out to the amazing Snails, guests were also entertained by hosts of Sare si Piper, Nata Albot and Andrei Bolocan. Andrei also showed that he was a natural in hosting our auction along with Hospice Casa Sperantei's Fundraising Director, Marc Jenner. Here are a tiny selection of some pics below:

Our auctioneer, Marc Jenner, strikes a pose

Soren and Beatrice attempt to extoll money from Amy Sherwood and Alexei Ghertescu

Looking for more success, they hit Inna and Jon (Inna goes on to win five cases of beer)

Aaron sports the selection of Steaua Bucuresti football tops

Princess Marina Sturdza addresses the guests

Jessica shows off the Swarovski Crystal Clock donated by Princess Marina Sturdza

Laquia models one of our most sought after prizes

Dragos Bucurenci congratulates Angelus Board Member Angela Brasoveanu on her successful bid on the bike

The Hospice Angelus Cake

The National College of Choreography entertain the guests

Hosts Nata Albot and Andrei Bolocan attempt to get me to auction off my kilt

Sandy and Andy busting some incredible moves on the dancefloor

George and Angela get their grooves on

Donna and Jon ruled the dancefloor

As did Rali and Inga

Me and my pal Dragos Bucurenci

Victoria looked ace with her new bit of stuff

Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat meets an international celebrity

Our creative geniuses, Dorin Goian and Liviu Burlea

Derick and Laquia flaunt their wares

Hospice Director Valerian Isac with Princess Marina Sturdza, Dragos Bucurenci, Nata Albot and Andrei Bolocan

I'll post some more about the ball in due course but here are some great news articles which publicised the event:

plus Marina Sturdza's slot on Sare si Piper:

Thanks to all who supported us on the night and we look forward to welcoming you to the Hospice Angelus Charity Ball 2012. Oh yeah, and why is this post called WOW? Because it was all that kept coming out of my mouth all evening. PLUS we raised in the vicinity of 23000 euros. WOW!