Thursday, November 11, 2010


 Feed Me

Since arriving in Moldova, I've seen that they are really creative in their culinary skills. There are McDonald's, but why go there when you have some of the best restaurants in Europe which serve the most outlandish and creative dishes? One of the best things they serve here is sarmale which is vine or cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and meat. Smother it with sour cream and man, it's good.

Most days, the office staff head to a local restaurant, Sturdy Sausages, for lunch and we get something great to eat and it's usually very inventive and tasty. And at £1.80 for two courses, it's not to be sniffed at. But today, well, we got something I wasn't expecting. Porridge and pork. Yes, together. With a tomato sauce. I am sorry to say that Sturdy Sausages let us down big style. And I'm still hungry.


  1. Yum! To the stuffed cabbage leaves, looks delish.

    Sturdy Sausages sounds like Robbie's favourite restaurant!

  2. Stuffed cabbage leaves sounds nice, like Polish "golompkis" (sp??), but I suppose when you're used to having porridge with breakfast with honey, fruit etc. would prob be a bit much for your tum to serve it with Pork! With you on that one! x

  3. Loooool! Jooooooohn! You make me cry :)))))) "Sturdy Sausages"! :))))))))))